Population: Approximately 100 Syrian Dom families live, Approximately 100 Syrian Dom families live. // Major Problems: Electricity and water, Food, Children do not benefit from any education services // Needs to be met: Food Aid, Wood, Hygiene Aid, Attire Aid for adult, children, baby, Toys, Health Screening. 37.0387,37.9737
Population: Approximately 180 Arab, Turkmen and Dom families live together, Approximately: 600 (between 1-17 years old ) children live. // Major Problems: Approximately 75 children can go to the school from 600 children.(Children have to walk 40 minutes from school to place where they live. Children have to use main road of Urfa-Antep. Child Labor is high level: Textile Workshop, Peanut Proceed and Production, It is high level of widow women and unaccompanied children’ population. // Needs to be met: It is limited to Access of Electricity and Water, Hygiene is big problem. Therefore it is necessary to disinfect place that people live, Health Screening is necessary. (Especially we do not know situation of disability and elder people). The place is not child friendly. The place is inside of industrial estate. Therefore two major problems could be exist in the place.(child abuse and child labor). Toys , Children can not benefit from any community center, Field research should be done for women’ health. 36.9959,37.7988
Population: Approximately 100 Syrian families live. Approximately 400 children (between ages 1 to 17) live. // Major problems: It is limited to access food, Heading is important problem. People are trying to warm up by burning what they collect, Health Screening is necessary, It is limited to access water and hygiene materials, Children can not benefit from any education centers and schools. Place is not child friendly. Children who are over ten years old, can not go school. They scrapp collection. They want to help their families. A Sick abed needs disposable underpad. A disability child needs orthopedic shoes. // Needs to be met: Wood. Hygiene materials. Attire Aid for adults, babies and children. Toys. Children and women can not benefit from any services from community centers. They need to supported for school registration and accessing community centers. 36.9949,37.8014
Dom group: - Children should be given psychosocial support, especially for girls. School registration fees need to be resolved. Stationery and toy assistance, food and hygiene materials, goods and clothing support should be given. // Türkmen (Abdal) Neighborhood - The children need to be enrolled in school. A community center can work for the children in this neighborhood. Financial assistance can be provided for food and health // 31.922556, 35.952611
-Money or support needed for their health problems and surgery. -None of the children go to the school, the idea of a mobile tent next to the tents also can be use in here. -Food and clothing support. -Materials for tents and and goods support. 31.915167, 35.945167
Children need to be enrolled in school even if it is a short term or long term, they need to learn to read and write. - Food, clothing, goods and tent support. 32.328667, 36.218306
- Educational and psychosocial support for children, especially for mute children. - Food, clothing, goods support/ hygiene assistance. 32.088000, 36.238694
Stationery materials for children, toys, clothes, psychosocial support. - Food, clean water, hygiene materials, and health check. 32.267472, 35.889417
(For Abdals) Material assistance for tents, financial support, food, clean water and clothing support, hygiene materials support. - (General) Clean water, food, educational support for children. 32.512694, 35.956333